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A detox diet is usually a short-term diet designed to eliminate toxins accumulated in your body. Detox diets are very useful if you are exceeding with junk food and alcohol or when you are feeling bloated.

Many detox plans make big promises: they guarantee to make you lose weight, to improve the appearance of your skin and your hair, to make you feel more energetic, etc.

Some of these programs are based on fasting, others on expensive tea bags, but which of them are effective?

What is a Detox Diet?

Detoxification is a process that takes place in our organism mainly in the liver and kidneys and its purpose is to eliminate toxins, harmful substances for our body that can damage tissues; they can result from environmental exposure, from food or water or can be products of cellular metabolism.

From a medical point of view, the term detox is used mainly talking about the treatment of addictions to drugs or alcohol.

But from the commercial point of view this term is often used inappropriately to market products that claim to eliminate toxins from the body, these diets consist of a period of fasting or elimination of certain foods and they have no scientific basis.

Why Detox?

Although there is little scientific evidence that detox diets actually remove toxins from the body a well-structured diet can help you losing weight and making you feel more energetic anyway.

This is because generally detox diets follow some fundamental principles:

  • reduce the ingested chemicals by eating organic food
  • increase the ingestion of foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants
  • increase the ingestion of foods rich in water and fiber

Moreover, if the food plan includes the elimination of certain foods that can cause a state of chronic inflammation of the body, this will be even more effective. Typically, alcohol, caffeine, processed food, meats, dairy, sugar, salt and wheat products are excluded.

You must be aware of the fact that these diets are not a definitive remedy but that they are the beginning of a path towards a healthier diet.

If you’re trying to lose weight I recommend using a short-term detox diet plan and then returning to a normal balanced low-calorie diet.

Naturally the plan that you follow must be well structured and designed by an expert person.

The 2019 Detox by Simply Shaiz: an effective detox program

Between the detox plans that I had the opportunity to try out I really loved the exclusive 14 days Detox 2019 program designed by Keziah aka Simply Shaiz, a certified Health and Life Coach.

The detox plan consists of 14 days of a hypoallergenic plant-based diet and is divided into 3 phases:

  • 2 days preparation
  • 7 days cleaning
  • a gradual reintroduction of initially avoided foods such as gluten and sugar

The detox package includes:

  • a recipe book
  • a meal plan
  • access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with Keziah and the other participants
  • A gift box: a 14 days journal with a pen, a Pukka eco-friendly travel mug and Pukka tea, a copper smoothie straw with pouch, a weekly checklist

For the whole duration of the program you will receive motivating emails that will boost your motivation and that will help you to enter the right mindset to make this period of detoxification really effective for the body and mind.

In addition, you will have lifetime access to the program’s material and you’ll be able to repeat the detox whenever you feel the need.

I appreciated the choice to include sustainable and eco-friendly items inside the gift pack, such as the reusable drinking straw and the fact that the program is perfect for vegans even though it includes a couple of fish recipes.
The presence of the shopping list makes it much easier to organize and plan your meals and the diet is very easy to follow as there is a preparatory phase during which you will begin to become familiar with new foods.</p>

Although I usually do not trust diets that promise great results in a few days, the 2019 Detox is very well structured and following it will bring you lots of benefits: after 14 days I felt more energetic than ever and motivated to achieve my fitness goals for 2019.

How to get the 2019 Detox program?

The program can be purchased via Paypal: it is valued at £149 but it is now for sale £ 134 for a limited period! You can contact Keziah through Instagram, she will solve all your doubts and you’ll find out if the 2019 Detox it’s the right program for you before buying it.

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